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Hoarding Clean-up Companies

Below is a list of businesses in Colorado that provide services related to hoarding situations. 

Clutter Trucker  


Clutter Trucker has 10+ years of hoarding clean-up experience. They also have a cleaning division to provide on-going, maintenance to prevent the hoarding behavior from occurring again. 

Clutter Trucker offers highly specialized, compassionate services for seniors and their families during times of transition, crisis or change. When hoarding patterns have put them at risk in their homes, Jennifer and her team are truly dedicated to their mission and make every clients experience positive.


Phone: 720-982-7856 | Website:


Rapid housing solutions

Steri-Clean Colorado is a local, family owned, franchise that is devoted to positively impacting the lives of Coloradoans in extreme cleaning situations. 


Andrew, Anne Marie and our team step in when clutter becomes overwhelming, when a family is impacted through the unattended death of a loved one (suicide, homicide or decomposition) or the well-being of a resident is threatened by drug paraphernalia, rodent droppings or other superbug contaminations. 


Not only can we help create order in the home, but we can safely cleanup dangerous items and apply hospital grade disinfectants. We focus on Restoring Homes and Lives through empathetic customer service and attention to detail.


Phone: 303-500-6999 | Website:

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