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Welcome to the Colorado
Hoarding Task Force
For more info, please contact us by 
clicking the link or
calling 720-571-7561

A helping hand in a

time of need

Welcome to the Colorado Hoarding Task Force


Our purpose is to provide support for hoarders and improve interagency hoarding coordination.  


The task force is an all-volunteer group comprised of health agents, first responders, medical and mental health professionals, social service providers, attorneys, and private business owners who are committed to working together to resolve complicated cases in a compassionate, professional manner.

Hoarding Resources

We provide contact information for each county, unique hoarding clean-up companies, and support groups and counselors. 

Hoarding Photos

Hoarding behaviors can easily turn a clean, well-organized bedroom into an uninhabitable mess. The Colorado Hoarding Task Force can help hoarders, family members and friends in these situations. Find out more about 'What is Hoarding?'

About the Colorado Hoarding Task Force 


Find out more about the Task Force, how you can help, and how to contact us for more information. 

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